IMG_7272Hello there!! Welcome to Blue River Cake Designs
My Name is Kat and I’m lucky enough to live in a lovely farmhouse in Southern Tasmania, Australia. Blue River Cake Designs is my passion – I have always loved to bake and cook, it is how I’ve always shown those around me I care.

I started baking cakes when I was about 12 years old – the first cake I remember making was my great grandmother’s “all in one cake” (and it’s still a popular one in my kitchen today)

I progressed to working with fondant and the more decorative work in about 2008. It came about simply because I wanted to make a special cake for a party – and I discovered how happy a beautiful and tasty cake can make someone.

Things have grown in fits and starts from there. One day I looked back through the pictures of cakes I’d made and realised that perhaps it was a direction that I could follow.
When I am wearing other hats, I’m a wife, mother, Outdoor Education Teacher and Wilderness Guide. I’ve also traveled a fair bit and worked in a plethora of transient jobs (including hospitality), to get where I am now.

I gave up teaching to stay at home with my young family – and that’s when I started to look seriously to my “hobby” as a part – time vocation.
The cakes I bake are dreamed up on our picturesque little hobby farm that we share with chickens, a dog and a little herd of horses. The eggs I use are from our own very happy free range hens.